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We serve because Christ first served us.

Here at Cornerstone Church we serve because Christ first served us. We don’t do it to simply fill a time slot or even to be better people but rather we want to inject the hope of the gospel in a practical way into those around us.

Rather than fostering a consumeristic mentality where just a few people do all the work and everyone else benefits, we’re called to serve as Jesus did. We’re called to go into our communities and love them practically. We believe that some of the greatest community comes through serving one another and there are many ways to serve here at Cornerstone Church (see below).

Cornerstone Connect Team

We believe that God has called us together as a family. When we come together as a church, we become a display of the gospel itself. We attempt to create an inviting atmosphere for people to feel relaxed and at home. Connect Team positions include greeters, ushers, and Connect Desk.

Cornerstone Outreach

Cornerstone Outreach provides opportunities to those in the body to serve in the local community and overseas through evangelism and social services. Our ministry has a strong benevolence aspect with out food pantry and defenders ministry meeting needs in the body and in the community.

Cornerstone Kids

The goal of Cornerstone Kids is to teach our kids how to connect with the Lord through intimacy and fellowship with Him. Young children are very open to the Lord and we are excited to take advantage of the opportunity to lead them to Jesus.

Cornerstone Facilities Team

Every week there are several opportunities to help keep the church facilities clean. We can always use the extra hand touching up the bathrooms, sanctuary, and more.

Cornerstone Prayer

As a prayer ministry team, we desire to teach believers how to connect to the Father, Son, and Spirit through prayer. As believers, prayer is an essential aspect to our faith that enables us to thoughtfully and emotionally respond to God with reverence, gratitude, and desperation.   Click here to learn more.

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