Licking County Level 3 Announcement

Dear Cornerstone family,

Over the last couple weeks we have stated that our church-wide Safe and Healthy practices may have to change again if reported COVID levels in our area increase. As we suspected, due to increased confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our area, Licking County has been raised to "Level 3" by Gov. DeWine and Health officials.

As a church, we want to honor our government officials whether we explicitly agree with the recommendations or not. To that end, we are asking all Cornerstone church attenders to abide by the Level 3 guidelines in our community and the church building.

Specifically we are asking anyone that attends weekend services to wear a mask indoors. We are of course still asking that attenders abide 6’ social distance recommendations and maintain previously established Safe and Healthy Practices. (As a reminder, these include regular hand-washing, not touching your face, and symptom awareness.) We are additionally asking that weekend service attenders please sit an appropriate distance away from non-household members. We will not be “policing” these requests, we are just asking for compliance with them as much as possible. Of course, our LiveStream will still be available for those who choose to stay home in the midst of this health crisis.  

I know these precautions may seem overly conservative for some people. To others, they may not seem conservative enough. Let’s make sure we all remember WHY we comply with these guidelines. Namely, our church mission is to Love God and Love our Neighbor. As such, we want to be excellent ambassadors and examples of His love for others.  

That love is very visibly displayed in how we respond to authority, especially authority God has ordained. It is also visibly displayed in how we respond to the cares and concerns of people that may be affected by COVID, such as Doctors, nurses, health-care workers, front-line workers and high-risk neighbors.  

Ultimately we want Cornerstone to continue to be a place where people come and hear about the amazing news of the Gospel and grow in that relationship with our Loving, Gracious, Abundantly Good Creator. I can assure you the Gospel will triumphantly march on whether we wear masks or not. In fact, the Gospel’s power is expressly seen in this truth!  

Love to you all, thankful to co-labor with all of you! In HIs Grip, Todd