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Growing Kids in the Lord

Cornerstone Kids Mission

Cornerstone Kids Ministry exists to foster an environment for children to learn to love the Lord, to know and experience the love of God and to equip the children with the tools necessary to follow him. 

Cornerstone Kids Vision

Our vision is that children who go through Cornerstone Kids will come out of this ministry with a knowledge of the Gospel, foundational bible skills, foundation knowledge of who God is, what He has done for them and who they are in Him. They will come out with a desire to serve, a toolbox full of scriptures memorized and know how to use them. The children will come out with a foundational knowledge of what faith us, and have explored their spiritual gifts and callings from God.

Cornerstone Kids Programs

Nursery & Toddler
0 through 2 years old

Our nursery and toddler rooms are equipped with curriculum to begin to teach them that they were created by a God who loves them. Through their play, the children are taught that God created them and God loves them. It would be a rare occurrence to walk into one of the nurseries and not see Dixie cups full of goldfish and/or cheerios as the littlest disciples certainly love their snacks on Sunday mornings! 
3 through 5 year olds

Our preschoolers are taught bible lessons every Sunday with the goal that they would understand that they were created by God, God loves them and they sinned. Our curriculum was created by our team and is based off the Jesus Storybook Bible. Our preschoolers enjoy rotating classrooms every Sunday as our classrooms are each "stations". They have a lesson station where they are taught lessons by creative, gifted teachers. They have an experiential learning station where they will do a craft or hands on activity that reinforces their lesson. A snack/prayer room where they will enjoy goldfish, pretzels and prayer for one another. They will also rotate into the playroom that is equipped with age appropriate toys and teachers looking for opportunities to reinforce the lesson through play. 
Kindergarten through 5th grade

Our elementary aged kids are taught bible lessons that go beyond the "stories" and into basic theological concepts. Their curriculum is created by our team and is based off bible stories and THEology by Marty Machowski. They begin their time all together with worship and a lesson. They then break off into grade groups (K/1, 2/3 & 4/5) to rotate through stations. One of their stations is an experiential learning station where we experience the lesson through science experiments, acting or activities. Another station is our bible station. This station for K/1 reinforces the lesson through books, crafts and coloring. 2nd-5th grade get out bibles, read the lessons scripture references and learn to do inductive bible study methods. Our final station is the game station which is a game that also reinforces the lessons. The elementary kids typically conclude their time with a time of prayer and offering. 

Would you like to volunteer and join our team?

Cornerstone Kids takes a lot of volunteers to function each weekend! We use people from 6th grade and up and in a variety of positions. If you're interested in joining us, please click the link below to fill out the online form or visit the connect desk!

Garret & Denise Price

Children's Ministry Directors

Michaela Ames

Children's Ministry Leader

Maggie Creasap

Children's Ministry Leader