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Facilities Team

About the Facilities Team

The facilities team has taken the lead and partners with the body in fulfilling the responsibility to be good stewards of the church building.  We come together to maintain and beautify the building.  The important work is equipping believers with a faith that works in real life and the building is a tool to construct the “real” church, the people inside.  How we take care of what has been given to us shows how important it is to us.  We hope visitors and the body will see how faithful we are with the building and will see how faithful we will be with them as members.

We are looking for men and women who want to accomplish the above.  We are looking for people who are only able to commit a couple of times a year to once or twice monthly.

Some of What The Facilities Team
Takes Care of:

Spring and Fall cleaning
Changing lightbulbs
Carpet cleaning
Repair drywall
Landscaping projects
Minor construction
Door repair
Hanging Pictures
Improvement projects

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