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Elders Newsletter January

Cornerstone Elders Monthly Newsletter
January - 2024

The elders are excited to offer our lead pastor, Todd Garman, a long overdue sabbatical. We get the word and concept of Sabbatical from the same Hebrew root for Sabbath.  Each are characterized by a deliberate time of disconnect from the world and its distractions to focus on the Lord for a set period of time.  While not “magic”, these times ought to be refreshing, restorative, and regenerative in the life of the Believer.  It is the Elders intention that this time of Sabbatical be just that. Todd’s plan for sabbatical includes:
  • Connection with the Lord
  • Visiting area churches
  • A time of solitude & refreshment
  • Possibly finish writing his book
Todd has submitted a detailed sabbatical plan to the elders and is available to all. 

Our Operations team leader, Mike Johnson, will begin a Sunday study at Cornerstone for those who are interested in being equipped with the tools necessary to understand how to get the most out of your bible. This class is for young and old who don’t want to dig through scripture alone. Come join us.

The elders are excited to begin the search to hire a Community Team Leader. There is more to “doing church” than attending a weekend service.  Jesus urged his disciples to follow him every day, to go seek the lost every day. The Community team of ministries at Cornerstone are those ministries that are busy Monday through Friday feeding the poor, visiting the sick, celebrating with the newlyweds and newborns, and so much more.  This person will also be responsible for ensuring the vitality of our life groups where followers of Jesus share their lives with one another and learn what it means to “have a faith that works in real life”.

Lastly, all the ministry leaders meet once every month to put the business of church aside and have a time of encouragement and fellowship. Leading a ministry requires hours and commitments that are often unseen. We have a time of “stoning” our leaders that involves rewarding ministry leaders with a stone representing a time that their efforts in the gospel were noticed and appreciated. Afterall, we are all being built into the church, but sometimes the process is slow and we need to be reminded that He has not abandoned us.  Eph2:19-22
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1 Comment

Darlene Estlow - February 4th, 2024 at 2:52pm

I'm so glad our ministry leaders can have this refreshing time of fellowship.